During my journey as a musician, I found out that I like experimenting with electronics. I started doing effects with Max/MSP and some years later I found myself building an analog synthesizer from scratch. From there I started to explore the possibilites of microcontrollers like the Teensy or the Arduino which brought me to programming. So I got interested in learning more about it and also went into the web-developing direction. After refreshing my skills in HTML and CSS, which I already did a bit as a teenager, I started to learn Node.js, MongoDB, React.js and Next.js, just to find out that I have the same passion working with these technologies that I have fiddeling around with my instruments. But bringing these two worlds together is something I realy like to do. For example building and programming an instrument for a dance performance or just continue to work on my modular synth.

So if you want to collaborate on a project or hire me as a frontend and/or backend developer, I am happy to read your message!